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I don’t know if you care about human rights or anything, but Uganda recently passed an anti-homosexuality bill that includes life in prison. Here’s a picture of a gay man reportedly burned alive by an anti-gay group. Note the children with front row seats. The bill’s supporters are attempting to “protect family values.” Y’know, good old fashioned values like “persecution” and “lighting people on fire.”

I’ll give the Duck Dynasty guy this much: at least he never burned someone alive.

 Happy Birthday, Jesus! People are terrible.

(Source: iamjakegreen)

Sometimes it helps to look at beautiful things.

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov taped a $50 lens to his point and shoot camera and took these incredible close-up shots of individual snowflakes after they had fallen to the ground. The snowflakes were placed on dark wool, illuminated by a flashlight, and apparently, created by aliens.

(Visit Alexey Kljatov’s Flickr stream for more “he has way too much time on his hands but I’ll be damned if I’m not reaping the rewards of his obsession” stuff.)

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